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Youthful skin is here!

Yes it’s true. Before going to massage school I knew nothing and still struggling to know a little about skin. What I do know after 12 years of practicing Massage Therapy and 10 years of Esthetics is that your skin is demanding of its purity and natural oils so it can stay young and healthy.

I know now that real cleansing and exfoliation is great for your skin, and even Acneic skin needs exfoliation and rebalancing to show its vibrancy again.

If you have skin issues, it’s very possible that it’s not being cleanse properly. Let’s explore your skin and heal it together.

The Benefits of true youthful skin includes these steps, and other natural remedies that has worked for so many others. I’ll give you a few here.

1 Cleanse your skin twice until you get a squeaky clean face. This means you hear the squeak when you touch it. Another way is to take a clean tissue after cleansing your skin twice and wipe your skin. If there are traces of brown, gray, dirt it’s not clean.

2. Many people don’t believe in toner. Toner is essential in protecting your skin from outside dirt, debris, and environmental damage to your skin. It closes and tightens your pores to protect your skin, and helps your skin to absorb moisturizer and products that aid in keeping a glowing complexion.

3. Exfoliation is key as well to beautiful skin. It helps to slough off old skin and helps renew your skin cells, deep cleanses your pores, and increase oil activity for a nice balanced complexion. Even acneic skin conditions need exfoliation just less frequently as it may increase too much oil leaving you oily, however your skin still needs to be exfoliated. Do this after cleansing and then tone your face, neck and décolleté areas.

4. Choose hydration and moisture that your skin absorbed and that is plant based. People with dry skin can use coconu oils, coco butter, and rich oils however not acne and oily skin as these oils are not good for your facial skin but excellent for your body skin. Choose oils like jojob, zinc oxide mixed with vitamins C, and vitamin E, light Extra Virgin Oils, or Dove moisturizing cream. These leave your skin silky and soft. Water based moisturizers are great for all skin types.

5. Do a mask at least once a week. Masks tighten skin, firm skin, revive your skin and help rehydrate dry skin and skin that lacks luster. It also helps to infuse Vitamins back into your skin. As we increase in age we loose collage, elasticity and other essential elements in our skin.

6. Massage your face skin. Being blood back and increase circulation in your face. Do lymphatic drainage on saggy parts of your face to increase its firmness and natural pigment. You will not only feel good and sleepy yum, but your skin will began to take on a natural glow and appear youthful

7. It’s true. You are what you eat! Combine these beauty skin techniques with heart healthy foods and you will almost never age. For added bene combine highly absorbable vitamins rich In Omegas 3 and 6 and you’ll turn back the clock.

Try these for yourselves and family. If it seems like a lot of work let us help you with weekly or biweekly Express Facials for just $49.99. We’ll show you how to use your products to get the same results we get professionally. You will never have to buy stuff you will never use again. Think of all the hundreds of dollars you’ll save by learning to take care of your skin.

I hope this was helpful to you and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for allowing me to share.

Tanya L Williams

State Licensed Cosmetologist & State licensed Massage therapist. Email us at

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