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De stress daily is great to add health and years to your life. I remember working for a popular ..

I was working for a popular rideshare company delivering food when all thewe entitled, lazy people wanted me to jump hoops to get them their food. There was no parking on drop off, what once was free now charged for parking and I had to pay, client were no where to be found, and I am not making anything that will pay 1 bill. Was all this worth it? Many will say it pays some bills! I say while it pays some bills, it causes a lot more stress.

On that day, and time, I cashed out, deleted the app, and thanked God that I will be ok, because of his faithfulness.

I am at the park, on a beautiful day, playing with my dogs, watching many people have a great time with their dogs, and kids, and significant others. Do you think they are worried about a company that does not care a hoot about them? They are living in the moment. Thant brings me to say my number 1. Destressors is 1. to live in the moment. Don’t let your amazing energy, time and resources get manipu by things and people that don’t value you.

2. Breathe! I had to breathe and pray since I was so heated about this last delivery. I thought I am God‘s creation and this is not part of the plan to have me stressed out like this. I decided I am worth so much to God that I will work for far better companies that value me, and not manipulate me.

3. Anything that welcomes families, babies, dogs, and couples is worth enjoying. Lakes, the piers, the parks, carnivals, walking paths, and many more venues that allows you to walk and relax with those who you love and love you are amazing Destressors.

My job job which has always been and continues, is a state licensed massage therapist and cosmetologist for Aahrelax. My job has never given me stress except when I was dealing with clients that didn’t value my time by requesting appointments that bled into 1:00 am, and who requested a 2 hour appointment but wanted to do a few things before they actually got down on the table and I’ve been there 3.5 hours and got paid for 2.

Now that they they are gone it’s just as rewarding as I’ve always wanted it to be. I am moving on from California to new grounds. I will not bragg, but I’ve had celebrities. Awesome! But when they use you sporadically and not value you either then there is no reason to stay where you are currentlY and thus no reason to brag.

Destress also means moving to an area where you increase your quality of life as well. Pay may be slightly less, but you will be out of the rat race, enjoying time with your friends, family, and those who matter.

Try these 3 exercises. Do things and work for companies that value you. Feel free to drop a line or two to let me know how things are going. Love and peace to you all who matter from

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