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Buy 10 Get 2 Free!

Membershop does have privileges as American Express says that many people can’t have their card, as it’s for the elite . Well we want many to engage with us, as we cater to our guests with services that we provide to the Massage savvy guests with a taste for luxury at a rate that won’t break the bank.

If you frequently get massages, shouldn’t you be rewarded for your loyalty? We think so as well.

We‘ll reward you for taking care of yourself everytime you book a massage or facial or any service we provide of 60 minutes or more, we’ll Give you 2 points for each service.

Get 20 points and get a FREE SERVICE, or book for yourself and get 1 Free services after each 5. How’s that for an added benefit? You must book 5 within a 6 month period to get the FREE service.

Just keep taking king care of yourself and we’ll reward you. Tell a friend as well.

Relax the Neck, back, and Shoulders
Buy 10, Get 2 FREE

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